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The very first step in SEO optimizing your blog is to make your blog posts appear or get indexed in all the major search engines like google, yahoo and bing. If you are new to search engines and SEO, Then basically all the search engines will have a bot called crawler. This crawler looks at all the blog posts and index them in the search engine. This is the general process carried out by all the search engines. If you want to get search engines ranking quickly, Then you need to help the bots to find and index your blog posts in search engine. This can be done by many ways like submitting sitemap, pinging search engines, etc. If you are a newbie and don’t know the process of indexing blog posts in google yahoo and bing search engines, Then this article will highly help you in this aspect. submit blog in google

How To Submit Blog Posts to Google Yahoo & Bing Search Engines ?

 If you wish to show your blog posts in search engines, Then first you need to learn how search engines will crawl and index the web pages. As i already said that search engines consists of a bot for crawling your blog content. You have to help the search engine’s bots to find and index your blog content. Intimating search engines about your latest blog posts can be done by using the below ways.

Submitting Sitemap:

Submitting sitemap to google yahoo and bing search engines helps those search engines to crawl and index your blog posts. Basically sitemap is a file consists of links for all the web pages or your blog posts. This sitemap file is an xml file. This xml sitemap work’s better for organizational websites where there will be minimum no of web pages and it becomes easy to create an xml sitemap. But for blogs, We cannot update our xml file each and every time we publish a new article or blog posts. So for blogs, we use atom sitemap which automatically updates the links from your feeds. Below i explained clearly about submitting atom sitemap to search engines.

How To Submit Sitemap To Google:

Undoubtedly google is the best search engine in world. You need to submit your sitemap to google in order to get huge traffic from google search engine.
To submit sitemap to google, Login to your google webmasters tools and go to your site explorer.

  • Click on site maps tab
  • How To Submit Sitemap To GoogleIn your sitemaps window you will find a button called add/test sitemap.
  • Click on the above button. Then you will find a text box as below
  • In your account instead of your blog will be displayed.
  • Copy the below Text and paste it in the text box and hit submit sitemap.


If you submit the above sitemap then your blog posts will get indexed upto 500 posts. If your blog posts increase the limit of 500 posts then submit another sitemap by using the below text.


This sitemap will index upto 1000 blog posts. if it was also exceeded then simply change 501 to 1001 and 1000 to 1500 in the above text and submit it again. This time it will index 1500 posts.

Submitting Sitemap To Bing & Yahoo:

Yahoo integrated with bing. so we need not to submit a sitemap to yahoo. Submitting a sitemap to bing will automatically index your blog posts in bing and yahoo.
To submit sitemap to bing, Login to your bing webmasters using your hotmail account. If you have not yet verified your blog in bing webmasters, Then you can submit your blog to bing webmasters by entering your blog in the text box near my sites and click on add button. After submitting your blog, you can verify it by placing a small meta tag in your blog template. Entire process is easy and will be clear in bing webmasters. After successfully verifying your site with bing webmasters, Go to your site dashboard.
Click on Submit a sitemap button.

Enter the below text in the text box and click on submit button.

Replace with your domain.
After successfully submitting your sitemap to bing, Then your blog links get appear in bing and yahoo in 3-5 days.

Pinging Search Engines:

Pinging search engines is a process of intimating search engines about your blog is recently updated and there is a fresh content in order to be indexed. Pinging search engines can be done in many ways.

Pinging Google Search Using Fetch as Google Bot Feature:

Pinging google search engine can be done by using the fetch as google bot feature in google webmasters tools.
In google webmasters tools, Go to crawl tab in the left and select fetch as google button.


Enter your post url (without domain) in the text box provided and click on fetch button.

Then your post will be added to the fetches list. Now click on the submit to index button to add it to google index.

Pinging Bing Search Engine:

To ping bing search engine just copy and paste the below text in your browser address bar and hit enter.

Replace with your blog domain.

Final Words: The above methods are followed in submitting and indexing blog posts in google yahoo and bing search engines. I hope this article helped you. If you are facing trouble while submitting sitemap to google yahoo and bing, Then share your doubts in the comments below.


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