How to write an effective blog post?

Blogging is a journey rather than a destination. Isn’t it funny how you can communicate your thoughts and views to somebody sitting in the next continent through a simple WordPress Blog? The whole idea of blogging is all about providing more value to your customers. Every minute or two, a new blog or a website is set with an aim to provide a good source to its viewers from where they can gain something. There are thousand of blogs running on a common niche and topic. How would you distinguish a high-quality blog from a common one? There are many factors that decide the success story of a blog. In the recent news from the blogosphere, it is expected that by the year 2020, link building will become obsolete. In this case, the content of the blog will play a major role to outrank the competitors. So if you are a blogger or planning to become one, this post is specially designed for you. In this post, I will be sharing my experience of what makes a QUALITY blog different from a common one.

There are many factors which decide the quality of the content in a blog post. Many factors are known to you but you feel too lethargic to follow them. Well, if you really want to make an impact on your viewers, this guide is very important for you. So sit tight and stay connected with me till the last word. I bet you will surely gain a point or two which will help you to make a killing brand name for yourself.

How to write an effective content?

Let us now start our journey towards writing an effective blog post.

Blog Post Title

This is the most important aspect of building an effective audience base for your blog. The TITLE plays a major role and decides whether your viewer will visit your post or not. Haven’t you noticed it already? Let me give you an example. Read the below titles and you will get what I am talking about.

A Normal Title- Salman Khan Lost 20kgs for his upcoming movie.

An Effective Title- See how this Bollywood superstar lost 20kgs in a week without dieting.

You see the difference? The first one is a normal title, usually used in the newspaper headings. It is a simple title which already tells the main plot i.e Actor Salman Khan lost 20Kgs for his upcoming movie. The user will understand that the article will convey the same thing. On the other hand, the effective title leaves many loops open for the audience that will generate curiosity. The title does not convey which superstar has lost weight. Neither the title conveys what sort of diet chart the superstar has followed. Plus it adds one more keyword ” without Dieting”. Now keeping yourself as a viewer, decide for which title would you want to go.


The thumbnail of your blog post acts like a Clickbait. An effective thumbnail with a boring content can generate a major audience as compared to a boring thumbnail with fantastic content. Almost all viral websites are surviving on this one major factor. Use Creative Commons and sites like Pixbay and Flickr to add an effective Thumbnail to your blog post. This will attract the more users, especially in the case of social shares.


I would suggest all the budding bloggers to get their nodes tight in video marketing skills. This will play a major factor in the coming years and will help you to outshine all your competitors. Adding an effective content rich video will always help you in the long run. I would suggest you to make a YouTube channel for your blog on which you can create your own videos and upload them for a vast audience. YouTube is playing a major role as being a free platform, it is the biggest medium for marketing your brand name. Now you may be wondering that making videos requires a lot of talent, simply not. There are various online and offline free platforms that you can visit and make a cool intro video for your blog. Here is the free online intro maker list that you can use to make a stunning intro video for your blog. You can also see a reference for YouTube video SEO and make astounding and SEO optimized videos for your audience.


I may be covering this point in the end but CONTENT is the biggest power player for any blog and website. While writing always keep in mind whether the content will be useful for my audience in any way? Always focus on the problems faced by your viewers . Try to ease their problem. An effective content is something which helps your reader to solve his/her problem. Consider this post itself. This post will be useful for all the bloggers who are focussing on building a brand name for themselves.

The above factors will definitely help you to outrank your competitors. Do read about the common mistakes that every new blogger makes and how to avoid them for gaining more experience.

Last but not the least, I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Do share your comments in the comments section. Also, if you have any other point to add, you are most welcome! 🙂


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