Top 5 Magento 2 HelpDesk Extensions For Seamless Operations

In 2016, US based businesses lost $62 billion due to poor customer support. And, in 2017, almost 56 percent customers left a business due to the same reason. This recurring customer support problem is now becoming an annoyance for most one-man stores. 

The numbers are staggering. And, keeping the ongoing trend in mind, we can easily forecast that they are going to rise in the coming years unless we take measures to curb it.

So, what’s the workaround? A hassle-free customer experience for ecommerce customers.

It is a proven fact that customers that are happy with a brand will tell six other people about it on an average. But making customers happy is a tiresome and arduous task. It requires that store owners use the best hosting for magento stores, provide their customers consistent support, prompt replies, and top it all up with personal touch.

However, not all ecommerce stores have the resources to provide consistent support to the users. That’s where help desk extensions come in.

Best Magento 2 HelpDesk Extensions

List of best Magento 2 helpdesk extensions

Almost 10 percent ecommerce websites available online are made on Magento ecommerce platform. So, in this post, we will list some of the best help desk extensions that can help ecommerce stores hosted on Magento to improve their customer support process and thereby boost sales. The complete list is provided below.

HelpDesk by Aheadworks

Aheadworks is a premium Magento extension developer for automated workflow. Most of its extensions relate with solving administrative ecommerce problems and help desk is no different. It is a perfect solution for users who want to track, automate, and integrate communication channels at one place. The extension offers a simple drag and drop option for integrating communication channels. It also allows ecommerce store managers to  easily track efficiency of their customer support representatives and offers multiple ticket submission forms.

It is available for $199 one time charge.

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HelpDesk by Emipro Technologies

Help Desk extension by Emipro technologies makes it easy to manage tickets through Magento-based boards. It also allows customers to create support tickets from their accounts. The tickets are then sent to relevant boards and its notification emails are sent to the admin and support teams.

It offers private and public communications over the ticket so admin and support staff can share their messages and reply to the customer.

The help desk extension is transparent and makes the ecommerce support work fair and simple.

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HelpDesk by Exto

Exto Help Desk software is a simple solution to solve customer support problems of ecommerce store owners. Exto has described its own software as a help desk suite to solve ticketing problems. Customers can easily launch a ticket either through web form or by email. The tickets are assigned to the corresponding department and when agents solve them from their side, the client can rate them. The rating is available for an internal dashboard of the team and both management and customer support agents can see them. They help the management view the performance of each agent, while also make relevant changes to improve customer experience.

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HelpDesk by Land of Coder

Land of Coder offers a powerful and flexible solution for store support. It helps users collect information, requests, chat messages, emails, all in one place. It then notifies the admins and offers them appropriate solutions to address requests in minimum time.

The support extension comes with smart workflow, and is completely responsive on all devices including mobile, laptop, and desktop. Land of Coder can also automatically backup history for easy testing. It is available for $149.

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HelpDesk by Magebuzz

Next we have the Help Desk by Magebuzz. What makes it different from the other four is its price point. The help desk support extension is available for $99 only. You are getting almost the same features that other ecommerce help desk extensions offer in almost the same price. By installing this extension, you get multiple ways to launch tickets, a contact us form, smooth operations, and prioritizing of ticket submissions. The end result is a higher level of customer satisfaction, and improved order flow and performance management.

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Our Selection Criteria for Best Magento 2 HelpDesk Extensions

Every extension that we have added to the list has passed through a strict selection process. Every ecommerce store owner out there wants to save money. This is only possible if he makes the right choice about the extensions that are added to the store. We had the choice to search for extensions on Magento marketplace. But there were better extensions available on other stores so we decided to add them to our list as well.

Here are three factors that we use while selecting a Magento help desk extension.


Most Magento extensions are priced over $100. We tried our best to find extensions that were under this price. That’s why you will see that most of our extensions are between $99 & $199. Almost all these extensions serve the same purpose because they offer similar features. More on that below.


The help desk extensions should have features that fulfill your requirements. For the purpose of help desk, we looked for extensions that offer multi-channel ticket submission, task prioritization, private and public task submission, and auto ticket closure.


Most ecommerce managers who buy paid extensions rarely rate them on the store/marketplace. This is because if they served their purpose, the ecommerce managers won’t rate them. However, if they don’t serve the purpose, they are going to get some seriously bad reviews on review websites.

For us, we used a mix of online reviews and ratings on the store/marketplaces to select Magento 2 helpdesk extensions.


These Magento 2 helpdesk extensions will work best for store owners who are short on manpower and require a complete record of their customer support activities. The managers can easily measure the performance of their customer support teams, optimize tasks, and provide a better customer experience.

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