Social Media Wall for Events – Make Your Events Come Alive

When conducting an event, it is always a challenge to integrate such elements that can help you attract and engage with maximum possible attendees so that the event becomes successful.

One such element is known as Social media walls which are technologically empowered digital solutions that can be an excellent way to amplify the impact of your event on the audience.

social media wall for events

What Are Social Media Walls?

A Social media wall for events is created by aggregating the posts from different social media networks using hashtags, handles, profiles, etc. into a single feed and displaying them on digital screens.

These social media walls are technology-driven digital solutions that can be immensely effective in boosting user engagement, creativity, and interaction possibilities, especially for events.

Events are of prime importance for organizers as these help in connecting with the audience, promotional activities, build communities, showcase the brand portfolio, or just a gathering of the stakeholders as well.

Social media walls being a comparatively new concept in the marketing industry can be tremendously helpful in making the events impactful and successful.

Importance of Social Media Wall for Events

  1. Attract the audience

Social media is already so popular in the online ecosystem and when you bring it in an offline environment i.e. in the events, then you can attract a greater audience to the event.

When you install the social media wall at an event, you create a digital hub where you can attract the in-event audience to the wall and explore the happenings of the events and what people are saying about the event.

Also, you can reach a wider audience through the social media platforms that you have integrated on your wall. When users will upload posts relating to the event it will create promotion and exposure for the events on social media parallelly as well.

  1. Interaction & Engagement

Interaction and engagement are two metrics that decide the influence and success of an event. As much as your event audience is engaging and interacting, you will have maximum benefits for your event.

Having a social media wall at your event can give a tremendous push to the engagement possibilities for users. You can encourage the attendees and even the online audience to share their opinions, feedback, ideas, reviews, and experiences using your custom event hashtag.

Besides, you can also have real-time QnA sessions, panel discussions, and conversations with the help of a social media wall where the users can posts there questions or viewpoints and experts or panel can respond to that.

Social media walls can make the audience curious and interested in sharing more and more posts as they will have the chance to feature on the social media wall and get the taste of fame.

  1. Entertainment Value

This is probably an essential factor that you need to keep in mind when planning your event. Entertainment and leisure value for your event can help in attracting a wider audience and can enhance the engagement.

Social media walls can drive entertainment at any event, you just need to encourage the users to share their images, videos, or even text posts that can be associated with entertainment.

You can install a photo booth with props and ask the attendees to share their funny and exciting photos, gamification, rewards & giveaways, contests & quizzes, etc.

Events don’t just need to be all sophisticated but you can add entertainment value to gratify audiences both online and offline.

  1. Build Social Proof & Community

One of the main aims of any event is to create networks and communities that might be helpful for the business and the individuals in the long-run given that the attendees generate trust and reliability.

Social media wall can help you display the engaging user-generated content that can do wonders for you as it will help you build social proof and loyal community among the event and social media audience.

Especially when the in-event audience will generate authentic positive content about the event it could lead to positive brand image, identity, and customer loyalty on social media simultaneously.

  1. Revenue generation

If you are planning an event then most probably you will have sponsors and affiliates associated with the event. Social media wall presents an opportunity to generate revenue through sponsorship & promotions.

Since the social media wall is a new concept and is quite effective, it can attract many interested sponsors for your event and you can promote their brands through social media walls.

The best part is that you don’t need to add any extra layer of technology to promote sponsors but you can do it within the social media aggregator tool only using full-screen announcements, stickers, banners, & custom branded posts.


With all these benefits and many more possibilities at your disposal, you can make social media wall a necessary element for your events -be it corporate or otherwise.

Although, it is essential that you do your groundwork and research properly before choosing the best suitable social media wall for your events using metrics like functionalities, compatibility, pricing, reliability, ease-of-use, and service quality.

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