Add Non Removable Credit Link In Blogger Template

Would you want to learn how to add nonremovable credit link in blogger ?

How to remove blogger template credit link ?

How to redirect blog with hidden codes

If you are using blogger then I am damn sure you have tried to remove credit link in the template. And you didn’t get success.

How To Add Non Removable Credits To Blogger Blog Template

Here is tips.

Generally, anyone doesn’t want to give anything free. Either he/she will take money or need credit for his/her works. Either he needs money or credit for his works.

The best bloggers aren’t afraid to share. Share content; share links; share ideas; share data; you name it. In fact, the inbound bloggers who love to share usually see fantastic results because of it!The thing is, sometimes bloggers get a little protective of their stuff because there are less than scrupulous people out there who take content and then try to pass it off as their own. All that hard work, and none of the credit. Not cool!

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Well, sometimes it’s not that someone’s being skeevy … they just don’t know “How the internet works.” You’re supposed to share content, but you’re also supposed to give credit where credit is due. So to clear up any confusion and ensure you content is protected, this post will outline proper methods of Adding Non-Removable Credits To Blogger Blog Template.

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You can easily find different ways to add non-removable credits to blogger blog templates on the net, but in this post we’ll tell you the most protected way of adding credits to your blogger blog by first building a non-removable JavaScript, then to make it complicated by OBFUSCATING it as to make sure that the credits are protected and no one can remove them and at last adding them to the template.

What Is Obfuscation?

Obfuscation is the obscuring of intended meaning in communication, making the message confusing, willfully ambiguous, or harder to understand.

Add NonRemovable Link In Blogger

Let’s start with learning How To Add Non-Removable Credits To Blogger Blog Template. This process is also called as javascript encryption. If you want to remove blogger credit link, then follow this guide.

 #Step 1  Following is the non-removable JavaScript that we’ll gonna use for adding the credits. Don’t forget to customize it according to you, by following the points given bellow.

 <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><script type="text/javascript">//<![CDATA[ $(document).ready(function() { if($("#bloggingrocket").attr("href")!="CREDITS_URL") {   window.location.href="REDIRECTION_URL"; }});//]]></script>

Follow the points below to customize the script:

  1. Replace CREDITS_URL with the URL of the Page you want to give Credits to.
  2. Replace REDIRECTION_URL with the URL, to which you want the blog to be redirected to, if someone removed the credits.
  3. Remove the first line i.e.
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

If you already have added it in your template.

Here you are completed with step 1, but don’t forget to copy the javascript that you have built above, to notepad for further use.

#Step 2  Now as you have already completed with step 1 of building non-removable JavaScript, let’s make it more complicated for the hacker to remove or edit it, by OBFUSCATING it by using an easy and fast tool Javascript Obfuscator/Encoder.

  1. Go to Javascript Obfuscator/Encoder Tool.
  2. Copy the JavaScript code from notepad, which you build in the last step.
  3. Paste The Java Script Code there without <script type=”text/javascript”> and </script> tags.
  4. Tick for Special Characters.
  5. Click on Obfuscate Button.
  6. Now copy the code from the Output Window.
  7. Go to your template file and paste the code you copied between <script type=”text/javascript”> and </script>, in body section.

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#Step 3 At last after adding non-removable javascript to the blogger template, let’s add the credits to the blog. It is a very simple step, just add the code given below (after customizing) where you want to add credits in your template.

 Designed By <a href='CREDITS_URL' id='bloggingrocket'>Prabhat Jani</a>

Follow the points below to customize the code:

  1. Replace CREDITS_URL with the same URL of the Page you want to give Credits to as you have done above in the JavaScript.
  2. Replace TEXT with the text you want to be hyperlinked.

Hurray! You Have Successfully Added Non-Removable Credits To Your Blogger Template.

Why Use The Online JavaScript & jQuery Obfuscator Tool?

It’s simple really, JavaScript is a browser interpreted language so it needs to be front end and visible to browsers. This, unfortunately, means that it is also visible to every tom, dick and harry who wants to see you code and potentially steal it. One of the ways to protect your code is to obfuscate it using base 32 or 64 algorithms to encrypt the code and make it unreadable.

  1. Online obfuscate js to protect your code so it’s unreadable.
  2. Online jQuery obfuscator as algorithms also works with jQuery!
  3. Online jQuery obfuscate to convert to bookmarks for easy script execution.
  4. Online js obfuscator to convert other languages such as Mootools, DOJO, YUI etc.
  5. Online obfuscate compact js to also make your file sizes smaller and increase page speed.

How Does Obfuscator Tool Work?

  1. It replaces symbol names with non-meaningful ones (eg hello_moto will be converted to 1cd5dg4g1gf).
  2. It replaces numeric constants with expressions (eg 232 will be converted to 0x29b9+2011-0x2d25).
  3. It replaces characters in strings with their hex escapes (eg string “noob” will be converted to “x60x76x63x44”.
  4. It removes comments completely (if selected, otherwise obfuscates comments).
  5. It removes spaces and tabs and blank lines in the code and joins all the lines of code together.
  6. It encodes the previous stages using advanced algorithms

Over To You : If you want to remove credit link of Templateism, Soratemplates then you should reverse this guide. However, I will share a tutorial on how to remove credit link from blogger template. Stay tuned with Blogging Rocket


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