20 Best Digital Marketing Audiobooks for Beginner For 2024

Audiobooks are an amazing way to absorb content and consequently learn with very little hassle and lots of returns. Carrying around heavy books and studying from them is often an unpleasant chore but it needs to be done because we need knowledge and new skills for every sphere of our lives.

Audiobooks, however, are a pleasant change to the norm which allows us to carry our books within our devices and learn on the go. You can choose to access your audiobook from anywhere and study any chapter that you want to if you simply have a smartphone or a device that has the audiobook downloaded.

The benefits of using an audiobook over traditional methods are many. Not only are they cost-effective and easily manageable but they also allow you to access the contents of the book in any free time which helps you to learn much faster as you do it part by part on the go.

Best Digital Marketing Audiobooks

Digital Marketing Audiobooks

Digital marketing is a skill that has a huge demand. With the number of internet users within a population increasing everyday, marketing has been forever changed in such a way that traditional marketing and advertisements are no longer enough to attract the target audience.

Learning digital marketing has become easy with the use of audiobooks that are targeted towards helping you learn all the aspects of digital marketing like

  • Social Media Marketing,
  • Guest Blogging,
  • Using Google Adsense,
  • Optimization Of Rankings,
  • Content Creation and Management,
  • Feedback utilization and curation of the best strategies to attract the target audience successfully.

Here, we have compiled an exhaustive list of some of the popular audiobooks that you can use to learn some crucial skills involved in digital marketing like

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Digital PR and
  5. Data Analytics.

Read on to get the best audiobooks available in the market that you can use to learn digital marketing and other related skills. 


Digital PR is a sensitive skill that needs to be handled with subtlety and skill. Learning this skill is crucial to your portfolio as a digital marketer. These are some books which shall help you make your digital public relations with your customers better which shall, in turn, be beneficial for your organization. Some of them are:

Content Code:

content code


It is a book that delves deep into the sociology of Facebook and social media websites and how search engines work. By following this you can learn and crack the code of being ahead online in every way.


  • This book helps you to market your product and produce it to your target audience in an attractive package.
  • It gives an insight into the world of digital marketing and everything that can be achieved through the skills involved in digital marketing.


  • This book is not suited for beginners or rookies. It requires the reader to have some prior knowledge about the subject matter to understand and utilize the strategies and skills mentioned here.
  • This book focuses on some specialties of digital marketing without including some other crucial skills that a marketer needs to have an attractive portfolio of skills. 

SEO For Growth:

SEO For Growth


This book mainly focuses on how you can improve the search rankings for your product or content and bring it to the forefront so that it doesn’t get lost or ignored amidst the vast number of products and content that is available on the internet today. SEO is one of the most basic skills that a marketer learns and this book covers the topic efficiently.


  • It can help you to optimize your content and improve your rankings which in turn generates organic reach and higher traffic.
  • It teaches you to search engine optimization from scratch and elevates it to the advance level also which helps you to be thoroughly informed about the topic.


  • This book spends around 60% of the topic covering basics and begins from scratch which makes it inefficient and unnecessarily wasteful for professionals or people looking for particular strategies and techniques.

Small Business Big Money:

Small Business Big Money


This book shall help you multiply your business sales and the techniques it contains shall be very beneficial and are proven techniques too.


  • This book contains important strategies which are the golden strategies in the field of digital marketing because it always helps to improve the visibility and reach of your business.
  • It helps you to understand how PR and other strategies are crucial for businesses in today’s world and how the trends of marketing have changed since the world’s population started to use the internet more and more.


  • This book doesn’t contain the basic groundwork which needs to be covered before you can move on to learning the crucial strategies and their workings which has been discussed here.

The New Rules of Marketing and PR:

The New Rules of Marketing and PR


The internet is a vast and ever-changing place with some golden rules of business. These rules are constant forever and, in this book, you will learn about them all and this will certainly help your PR skills become better with time and practice.


  • This is an internationally acclaimed book which has some amazing content that can help
  • This book helps you to understand the shift in marketing from traditional trends to how the internet and marketing related to that works.


  • This book requires you to have a tech-savvy background to understand and utilize the strategies and skills that are mentioned here.

Introduction To Personal Branding:

Introduction To Personal Branding


 This audio book focuses on how to properly brand a product or business properly and how to maintain a good public relation with your target audience and customer base. It also focuses on skills and strategies that help you to polish your public image and brand worth.


  • With the skills from this book, you can market your product better to your audience.
  • You can improve your rankings and public image with the skills from this book which in turn attracts a higher number of potential customers onto the website.


  • It is a short audiobook and hence doesn’t cover everything
  • It doesn’t talk much about how to market the product. 


There are various data analytics books too which shall help you to understand and give you insights about your data. Big data and some other domains are quite frequently used for this. Some of the books are given below.

Big Data in Practice:

Big Data in Practice


 This book deals majorly with big data and data analytics and how you can deal and manage huge chunks of data for data processing and other tasks


  • You shall get a good understanding of Big data
  • You will be able to understand how to properly make use of your data


  • It is more theory-based and not much practical or tells you about it.
  • Big data is a part of it but there is more to data analytics

Competing on Analytics:

Competing on Analytics


Written by two people who are pioneers in analytics, they provide their insights into how the world of analytics works and is ever-changing with the advent of digitalism of the whole world.


  • You shall understand how to interpret analytics
  • You can apply this to your own organisation for the better.


  • Not appropriate for everyone
  • The price might be too high for some people.

Analytics: Data Science, Data Analysis and Predictive Analytics for Business

Analytics: Data Science, Data Analysis and Predictive Analytics for Business


This book talks about Data Analytics along with Data science and how predictive analysis can be good for business and the various tips and tricks which can be used.


  • It’s very well detailed
  • It covers almost all the areas


  • It requires background knowledge to understand it fully
  • It can be too pricey for some

How to Integrate Data and Analytics Into Every Part of Your Organization 

How to Integrate Data and Analytics Into Every Part of Your Organization


 It is a brilliant book on how to understand and integrate Data Analytics into your organisation for better profits. Technology is the tool of the 21st century


  • It is great to make everything smooth and integrate Data Analytics seamlessly
  • It’s easy to learn and understand


  • It can be costly for some people
  • It is a short book and doesn’t go deep into logic.

Big Data: How Data Analytics Is Transforming the World

Big Data: How Data Analytics Is Transforming the World 


 This book talks about the effect of big data and how data analytics can change the world and how digital analytics is done can be beneficial and useful for so many businesses.


  • It covers all the topics in detail and goes to the advanced level
  • Big data is growing and transforming all the industry and you can be a part of it too


  • Some prerequisite knowledge is required to understand some of the topics
  • It can be costly for some people.


There are some audiobooks which shall help you learn and properly implement SEO into your websites and regular content so that your rankings improve along with your visibility. We have compiled here a list of books that will definitely help you to understand and implement SEO onto your content. 

SEO for Growth:

SEO For Growth


You need to learn a lot of things in today’s market of you want to grow your business and crush your competitors. In the digital world, SEO shall be your best tool for this purpose and this book dives deep into the most common SEO related queries


  • It covers a lot of crucial topics
  • Great for beginners as it covers basics along with advanced topics.


  • Unnecessarily long and inefficient for people who already have some knowledge on this topic.
  • Requires understanding of technology to fully understand and implement the topics covered here.




This book shall guide you on how to optimise your website with the modern SEO tools such that you can appear on the front page of Google and improve your business


  • It covers a lot of basic and advanced topics
  • Has links and study material with it


  • Not ideal for someone’s first book
  • Requires prerequisite knowledge

Getting Your Web Sites to the Top of the Search Engines:

SEO For Growth in 2019


There are many websites on the internet and to make sure that your website stands out among them is a tough task in itself but a good SEO options website and along with some other factors, you can make it to the top.


  • It covers a lot of topics, both basics and advanced included
  • It’s great for experienced website developers


  • It is generally not recommended for beginners
  • Doesn’t cover any topic in depth. 

SEO Fitness Workbook:

SEO Fitness Workbook


This book is used at Stanford for teaching purposes and hence this tells you a lot about the quality and standard of the book. With this, you can build SEO optimised pages in no time.


  • This book is one of the best in materials and content
  • Professionals prefer this book


  • It might be hard to get track of this audiobook.
  • It can be costly for some people

SEO Like I’m 5:

SEO Like I'm 5


 This is the ultimate beginner’s guide to an SEO audiobook which contains everything and literally everything in it. It shall leave you fully ready to build your own website


  • This book contains all information
  • Great for professionals


  • Requires prerequisite knowledge
  • Hard to follow 


There are audiobooks which shall help you to develop your social media marketing skills or SMM skills so that you shall have a greater reach via your social media platforms. Some of them are mentioned below

The Social Media Bible:

The Social Media Bible


As the name suggests it contains everything that you need to follow and know about to have a great social media presence and to promote your business through the powerful domain if social media


  • Great for beginners
  • It covers almost all the topics for SMM


  • Not much suitable for professionals
  • Difficult audiobook to get hold of.




This audiobook compares the last century wars and compares then with the modern-day war that happens over social media and the war of views and page likes and the organic reach of a page.


  • Great understanding of how to deal with your competitors
  • Gives you a good grasp over your social media platform


  • It doesn’t cover all the topics necessary for social media marketing
  • Not suitable for professionals.

Social Media:

Social Media Marketing Mastery


 It’s a short and simple book for anyone who wants to learn about social media and how it works. Thus improve their social media marketing skills and benefiting their organisation in the long run


  • Great for beginners
  • Covers all the basic topics


  • Not so much preferred by professionals
  • Too simple in approach. 

The Social Organism:


 This book talks about the social media as a whole like what if it was a living body and how it works, the various mechanisms on its survival and the processes which keep it going are discussed here.


  • It is great for professionals
  • It talks about all the processes in depth


  • It requires some prerequisite knowledge
  • Tough to follow 

The Zen of Social Media Marketing:

The Zen of Social Media Marketing


This book contains all the tips and tricks which shall help your business grow and become better in the long run


  • Great book for learning social media marketing
  • Easy to catch onto and follow


  • Hard to get a hold of this audiobook.
  • Some tips and tricks are outdated now.

I’m a digital worm, so I read & listen learn from different sources to increase my knowledge in digital space. Recently switched from books to audiobooks, if your just starting, optin with amazon audible I has wide rage of audiobooks and easy exchanges too. Check out my Audible review also audible provides free trial so if you don’t think audiobook is not your thing just cancel.

Let me know in the comments which audiobooks you have read and what you have discovered ?

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