6 Essential Things to Check in an Expired Domain : Infographic

There was a huge debate going on in between the bloggers on the expired domains topic, most of them don’t know what domain to consider and what are the ways to measure an expired domain.

Have a look on below infographic.


6 Things to Consider Before Buying Expired Domains, courtesy of Myquickidea

If you are one them who don’t know what to consider when using an expired domain, then I have few suggestions to find whether the expired domain is worthy to use or not.

So let’s start the topic,

Six clever ways to judge the expired domains:

Expired Domain

Expired Domain

1. Anchor text:

Do I have to say separately that anchor text is a basic need or a website, I think I don’t have to say because most of you already know about that?

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Anchor text is nothing but a text in a hyperlink which can be clicked. It was one of the core seo factors. So first you should start judging the expired domain with the anchor text.

You can see the expired domain anchor text with the tools like Ahrefs and Majestic SEO. And by having a glance at the Anchor text you can quickly detect whether the anchor text is over optimized or it is irrelevant to the page etc.

If you find that anchor text of the expired domain is irrelevant or over optimized, then it is better not to consider that domain.

But if you find the Anchor text is relevant to the page and it is optimized then you can easily take that expired domain to the next point.

Note: Don’t take the expired domains which are having foreign language anchor text.

2. Links:

After having a glance at the anchor text then you should filter the expired domain with its backlink report. Because backlinks are precious regarding search engine rankings, you should have a look at the backlink report of the expired domain.

You should consider few factors which I will tell here, but before that you can take the backlink report from tools like Ahrefs and other backlink checkers.

The points you have to consider is:

  • Check the backlink report of the expired domain.
  • If you find spam links pointed towards the site, then don’t consider that site.
  • Spam links are worst and too risky.
  • Look at the root domain links of the expired domain and make sure it has at least 50 linking root domains if you don’t find 50 root domains then don’t consider that domain.
  • Have a glance at the backlinks and find out whether the site has any high authority backlinks towards it. If it has high authority backlinks, then you are much likely to take that domain. You can take that without any worry because it increases your domains trust.

3. Content:

After considering the above two factors, now it’s time to judge the content of the expired domain. Now check whether the expired domain is having enough content published on its site or not.

If you find enough high quality content, then you can proceed to other step or else drop that domain.

But before going to another point, do consider expired domain only if it is relevant to your content. Don’t consider domains which are irrelevant and written in foreign languages.

4. Spam Score, DA, TF and CF:

Measure all the spam score, DA, TF and CF to find whether the expired domain is worthy or not. Check the spam score, DA, TF, and CF before you start working on the expired domain.

You can test the spam score and DA through the Moz open site explorer, and you can find the other metrics of TF and CF in the Majestic SEO tools.

I always recommend expired domains which are having 20+ DA, TF and CF. If it is having below 20 then I will not opt it.

5. Consider Domain Age:

Having a high domain age can be a huge plus point for your site because domains which are having high domain age will automatically have the higher authority. So to build authority it is always best to consider high age domains.

You can simply check the domain history through the whois.domaintools.com.

6. Other Practices:

After considering all the factors, you should follow this last step to consider using the expired domain. You must check the expired domain whether Google AdSense bans it or not. Check through https://ctrlq.org/sandbox

Next thing is you should check whether the domain is indexed by Google or not if it is indexed by Google then you will have a huge benefit.


These are six clever way to find out whether to use expired domains or not. I hope you have a clear view on this topic. Share your opinion on this subject in comments sections.


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