Google Adsense Approval Tips 2017 : Get Adsense Account Within 2 Days

It’s my first post on blogging rocket and its all about on google adsense approval tips. In this post i will tell you what is google adsense.

Google Adsense is the best way to monetize and earn money from blog. There are many advertising networks well known as adsense alternatives . But none of them offer high payments compared to google adsense.

Google Adsense Approval Tips

google adsense approval tips

google adsense approval tips

Looking at the high payments offered by google adsense, most of the bloggers show interest in monetizing their blog with google adsense. But adsense terms of services are very strict and getting google adsense approval is very difficult.  If you get approval from google adsense 2016, then you can earn a decent income from adsense. In this post i am sharing the details of adsense and also google adsense approval tips.

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What is Google Adsense ?

What is google adsense ? Its a weird question  but here is answer.

Google adsense is an advertising network maintained by google. it is a CPC(cost per click) based advertising network. It pays the publishers for each and every click generated on the publishers blog or website. The cost per every click varies depending upon the keywords, traffic source and visitors location, etc. If you get traffic from US and UK then your CPC will be high compared to traffic from other countries.

How To signup and Apply For Google Adsense ?

You should singup to google adsense with a  gmail account. If you have a gmail account you should visit the adsense page and login with your gmail account. Then you may sign up with google adsense by entering your blog/website url. After you sign up with adsense, They will verify your blog and approve or disapprove your blog. They will intimate you via e-mail when they approve your adsense account in first stage. Then you have to login to your adsense account with your gmail account and create an add unit and place the add code in your blog. However you cannot able to see adds on your blog until your application is fully approved.

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Once you place add code in your blog/website, Then the code will send an add request to google. Then the second stage of adsense approval will be started and they will verify your blog and intimate you if your application is disapproved. They will also mention the reason why your adsense application is disapproved. you may rectify the mistake and can re-send the application for approval.

Once your adsense application is fully approved, then your add code will display adds related to your content. Remember they wont send any confirmation mail when your adsense account is fully approved. If you see adds running on your add code in your blog it means that your adsense account is fully approved.

Is Google Adsense Approval Easy In 2016 ?

Google adsense approval is not at all easy. They will reject your application each and every time until your blog satisfies the requirements of google adsense. But if you follow the tips which i shared below, then you will get adsense approval easily. You have to follow google adsense approval tips for instant result.

How to Get Google Adsense Approval Easily ?

Google is very strict in approving the publishers. so you have to think about the below factors before applying for google adsense. Just follow these google adsense approval tips.

Domain Name:

Domain is the important factor in google adsense approval tips. your blog can be rejected by simply looking at your domain. Your Domain should be user friendly and should not contain any keywords which violate the google adsense terms of service. For example your domain should not contain keywords related hacking, porn, shopping, insurance, finance, software cracking, etc. You can buy domain with godaddy.

You Should always prefer a custom domain instead of using free and sub domains. Free and sub domains will give a negative impact to google adsense team that this blog might not last for a long period. So I suggest you to buy a custom domain before applying for google adsense.

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Domain Age:

Most of the bloggers say that the domain age should be 6 months old inorder to get google adsense approval tips . But there is no official announcement about this factor. But still an older domain will give a hope to the adsense team that the blog is not new and the publisher is an experienced blogger. I suggest a 2-3 months old domain is enough for getting google adsense approval.

Blog Template/Design:

Google adsense wont approve the blogs without proper user interface. your blog layout should be very clean and user friendly with proper navigation. This is not only essential for approval of adsense, but also it gives a good user experience and make the visitor to spend more time on your blog. So improve your blog layout and make it user friendly with good navigation.


Most of the bloggers suggest that the blog should attain a high traffic inorder to get approved for adsense. But with my personal experience, google adsense wont consider blog traffic for approval. They may approve the blog with very low traffic if their blog complies with their terms of service. Traffic is not mandatory but essential to indicate a signal that they are people looking at your blog. So don’t bother about blog traffic before applying for adsense. But after approval you need to have a huge traffic in order to earn more money from google adsense.


Here comes the major factor. Most of the applications are rejected by looking at the blog content. your content should rely with their terms of services. Your blog should not have content related to the following topics.

  • Content with pornography or adult content.
  • Violent content
  • Content related to racial intolerance or advocacy against any individual, group or organisation
  • Excessive profanity
  • Hacking/cracking content
  • Content related to illegal drugs and weapons
  • Sales of beer or hard alcohol
  • Never write on Sales of tobacco or tobacco-related products
  • Sales or distribution of coursework or student essays
The entire list of content policies of google adsense are available in google adsense official site. check the below link google adsense content guidelines

Number of Articles:

There is no minimum limit for no of articles for approval of adsense. Most of the bloggers suggest to have 60-70 articles in your blog. But only 20-30 articles with quality content and content that complies with adsense TOS is enough.

I suggest you to apply for adsense when there are limited no of articles(20-30) in your blog. Because if your application is rejected, then it will become easy to identify and rectify the articles which are violating the google adsense TOS.

Some More Tips on Getting Google Adsense Approval Easily:

  • Always apply with a custom domain.
  • Never post articles related to hacking and cracking.
  • Focus on user friendliness.
  • Write Unique, Detailed and quality content.
  • If your application is rejected, Then modify your content and re-apply with a different mail id.

Will Google Adsense Ban Account Anytime After Getting Approved ?

Once your blog gets approval for adsense and adds start getting displayed on your blog, The adsense team will  review your blog and ban your account temporarily when they notice anything which violates their TOS. Some times they even may ban your account permanently. So also after getting approval for adsense, Make sure that your blog complies with the adsense program policies.

Avoid Your Google Adsense Acount From Getting Banned

You already know that Google Adsense is most famous Advertising Network. No One is like that but Google Adsense need only Legal things. Some people don’t know that if you did pirate content on your website then Google Adsense will got Banned.

These Tips will help you if you are newbie in Google Adsense Network.

  1. Do not use Adult, Violent or Advocating Racial Intolerance, Nude Images on your website.
  2. Never do Copy Right Material from other Websites. if you did you will kill your website reputation and Google can Easily find out which one is Original.
  3. Please never  Click on you own ads because Google is watching you like a Spy.
  4. Never write text above your Google Adsense Ads like “Click on ad below”, “Please Click below” and etc. but You can use Label Headings as “Sponsored Links” or “Advertisements”.
  5. Never Say your Friends to Click on My Google Adsense Ads on Social Media Websites  like Facebook.
  6. Don’t Unwanted Links and Pop-Ups Ads on your website. Keep clean with proper Navigation. Google also looks for the Quality and Standard of Website.
  7. You must have a Privacy Policy Page which must contain a description about the use of Google AdSense on your Website. Most of the Webmasters don’t know about it which results in their account getting Banned.
  8. Hide Google Adsense Ads from Contact and Privacy Policy page, Place your ads only on Content Pages.
  9. Never place your Google Adsense ads under any Drop Down Menu, If you did then you are Violate Google Adsense TOS.
  10. Never place Google Adsense Ads on empty pages with no Content.

These Tips and Rules are the Minimum Requirement to Avoid your Google Adsense Account from Getting Banned.

Final Words: If you follow the above tips {google adsense approval tips}, you will get adsense approval easily. Don’t worry if you didn’t able to get approval for google adsense. because there are lot of alternatives for google adsense which i will share in future. so don’t forget to subscribe for updates. If you have any doubts regarding google adsense, then share them in the comments below.

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Aamir Saleem - June 11, 2016

Hey, Thanks Bro ! I’m apply two times with my blog but every time my blog rejected. Why it happened, it fulfill all the requirements which you describe above. Please tell me why ! ! !

    Prabhat Jani - June 12, 2016

    Where is about us, contact us and privacy policy page bro on your blog?

    Create these page and use default blogger template.

    Best of look.

Achintam karmakar - June 11, 2016

Nice post mate.. something I new and something I don’t…overall good combination for me

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Can i know content in the sense any particular count of words to be there on the blog

Aniket Singh - June 11, 2016

i wrote only 25 articles on my blog then i applied for google adsense but i didnt get google adsense approval.

Now going to try these tricks.

How much time it will take in adsense to approve new account.

    Prabhat Jani - June 12, 2016

    Google takes maximum one week. Hope you will get your adsense in this week.

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Nice 🙂

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I think google adsense is major factor for those who want to earn money online with their blog but such guide make their path in the very good way and they can easily understand about the google adsense.
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Rajan - August 1, 2016

Prabhat bro, hacking related stuffs are allowed by adsense, till the limits.
I own a hacking related blog
And i am using adsense only.
In adsense support they have provided list of stuffs which are allowed!

Sonu - August 15, 2016

Nice Post Adsense Approval Tips

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Thanks for the tips
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