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Kontent Machine Black Friday: Starting a new blog is not a rocket science. Everyone can start niche blogging to make money. But creating quality content is a big headache for many bloggers. Here Kontent Machine comes into action. Kontent Machine is the best content creation tool. In this post, I will share kontent machine discount with $999 bonus. Hope you will like it.

Nowaday niche blogging is most trending in the blogging industry. Because a micro niche blog can rank quickly. But is not easy as we think. We need unique articles to rank a micro-niche blog. Kontent machine is enough to generate quality content. But do you what is kontent machine ?



What Is Kontent Machine ?

Generally, whenever we need content for our blog, we look at Fiverr and upworks. But we need to guide them. For a single, we spent half time to give instructions to freelancer writer.  But kontent machine is a tool which will spin the article and produce a unique result. The output of kontent machine means content will 100% plagiarism free and seo friendly.

In simple it’s the best tool to save our time as well as to write plagiarism free content for our niche blog.Kontent Machine is the best content creation tool for better ranking in SERP.

Who Needs Kontent Machine?

This question is entirely weird.  You already got an idea that how much Kontent machine is necessary for us. But who need Kontent machine discount?

  • For Affiliate Marketer : If you are in affiliate marketing then this tool will help you a lot.
  • Best For Bloggers: If you have more blogs and don’t have enough time to write posts regularly, this tool will help you.
  • For Writer: Suppose you are a writer and your work is to provide content to your client. Then forgot hard work and use this tool.

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Kontent Machine Features

  • Generating quality content and correcting it
  • Incorporating LSI keyword as per the content requirement
  • Tier link building content production
  • Tags and categories relevancy
  • Automatically generates title and summary for articles.
  • Provides relevant images and video
  • Effective Spintax
  • Auto Blogger platform integration
  • Third party spinning tools integration like Spinner Chief, KM Spinner, Spin Rewriter, WordAi, and SpinChimp.
  • Kontent Machine automatically generates content for GSA, SENuke, Ultimate Demon.

These are few { lol } advances of kontent machine.

How to Use Kontent Machine 3 or Kontent Machine Guide

If you are thinking that it will hard to operate kontent Mahine then you are wrong. Its very very easy to start with this tool.

Let’s start with the main window.


Above shown screen shot is home page of kontent machine v3. Lets start how to use this premium tool.

Very first we need to start new campaign

Start Campaign In Kontent machine

To create new campaign you will have to click on New at home panel. Now a window will appear as shown below.


Follow the settings to create campaign in Kontent Machine:

Content Source: Built-In-Article Scrapper

Campaign Name: Fill according to your choice

Keywords: Fill three relevant keywords

Content Quality: Select the content quality among tier 1, 2, or 3

Spinner: Select the spinner which you want to use.

Images/Videos: Select the images/videos option to add rich media in the content.

Contextual Link Setting: Links are also very important for any content. And they must be present when you are creating content for link building.It will create links manually. Take a look of below image.


Create Content: Now your task is almost complete. You are done with all the settings and requirements and now it’s the time to scrap the data and build your content. Click on Build Content.


Once it done, you will see a window like this. Click on Preview to analyze the quality of scarped articles. I am pretty sure your happiness and excitement level will be at the peak.



That’s it. You have done.

Kontent Machine Drawback

This tool don’t have inbuilt premium proxies. So you have to buy them.

Kontent Machine Pricing

The price of this tool is $217 for lifetime. And if you want to pay monthly then it will be $37. If you are a professional blogger and internet marketer then going with lifetime package will be more suitable for you. This post is on kontent machine discount v3.

How To Claim Kontent Machine Discount Plus $999Bonus

Step 1:  First of all clear your browser cookie and cache. Its very important otherwise you will not get any discount.

Step 2: Now Use below link to active discount

Kontent Machine Discount

Step 3: Next Complete Order, And Sent Your Name along with Date of Purchase to my email address at janiprabhat@gmail.com.

Step 4: I will confirm your order manually and will send $999 Bonus in 24 hours. Hope you will love this Kontent Machine Discounts Special bonus.

Take a look below image.



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