Make Money Blogging : 10 Best Ways To Make Money From Your Blog


Blogging is the best way to make more money online. Most of the bloggers take advantage of their blogs and make a huge income from their blogs. Most of the newbie bloggers ask me how to make money quickly and can we make money online via blogging ?. I just answer them yes. To help newbie bloggers to make money online from their blogs i shared the best ways to make money online from blogging.

Before staring you should note one point ” Making Money From Blogging Is Not Easy”

Here i covered the best ways in making money online. Most of the blogs use advertising as the primary source of income from blogging. but there are many ways to make money via blogging. I listed all the possible ways below.

Best Ways To Make Money Quickly via Blogging :

We can make money quickly via blogging if we have huge traffic. So remember making money from blog is not a quick process. but we can make a huge income if we have a good amount of traffic to our blog. The below are the list of possible ways to make money online via blogging. Check NEET 2018 Application Process.

CPC, CPM, CPA Based Advertising:

CPC, CPM, CPA Based adds are the advertising methods used to monetize blog and earn money. These adds will display the relevant adds based upon the blog content each and every time. The type of add displayed to the visitors is different from one to other. The adds will be displayed depending upon the keywords of the blog post. I explained below clearly about the three methods of advertising.

CPC Based Adds:

CPC means cost per click. These are the adds which generate revenue when some one clicks on the adds. when a visitor click on a particular add, then the publishers will get income for the click. The cost per every click varies depending upon the keywords, type of add, traffic source, advertisers bid, location of visitor etc. we cannot estimate the cost generated per every click. because it varies for each and every click. The best CPC based ad network is Google Adsense.
If you cannot able to get adsense approval, then you may read our article on how to get google adsense approval easily

CPM Based Adds:

CPM Means cost per mile. These adds generate revenue for every 1000 impressions. When particular add gets 1000 impressions, then you will generate revenue. These type of adds are suitable for blogs with a high traffic. If your blog have a high traffic, then you can make money quickly using CPM based adds. The best CPM based add network is tribal fusion.

CPA Based adds:

CPA means cost per action. These adds generate a large revenue when compared to CPC and CPM based adds. But these adds generate revenue only if the visitor performs any action on the advertisers website. i,e when a visitor clicks on a CPA based add, you will generate any revenue until the visitor performs any action in the advertisers website like signing up, submitting contact form, registering, etc. We can make more money using CPA adds but it is slow and time taking process. The best CPA based add network is Revenue Hits.

Banner Advertising:

Banner advertising is displaying the advertising banners in your blog in a rental basis. You will get paid for displaying the banner adds for thirty days. There are many sites which offer banner advertising where you can select your own banner dimensions and prices and place it in your blog. Banner advertising services will stay as a mediator between you and advertiser. They bring advertisers to display banner adds on your blog and take some commission from the amount which the advertisers pay to you. So far this was the best way to make money via blogging. But in order to add banner adds to your blog, you should have a high traffic. The best banner add network is Buy Sell Ads.

Text Link adds:

Text links adds transform your blog content into advertising links. It wont take any extra space for advertising. your blog content will be converted into links to the advertisers page. so if anyone click on those links, you can earn revenue per click. These text links are one of the alternative for advertising because these adds wont take any extra space for advertising. This is the plus point of text link adds. The best text link add network is Infolinks.

Selling Add space:

You can sell your own add space by creating a advertise page on your blog. Price your add space and sell it to the advertisers and make money. If the advertisers are interested in advertising on your blog, then they will directly contact you and buy an add space and pays you. In this way you can make money by selling your own add space.

Placing Link Adds:

You can also place link adds and can make money. you can place a link to your advertiser website in your blog and can generate revenue. But make sure you add a rel=”nofollow” attribute to each and every link you sale. Otherwise it will be treated as a paid link and google penguin is ready to catch and hit you. By adding the rel=”nofollow” attribute, the link will look as a normal link and no page rank juice will be passed to the advertisers page.

Offering Services:

You can create a services page in your blog and can make money. If you are good at any field like search engine optimization, web designing, traffic building, graphic designing, then you can offer services to your clients from your services page and can make money.

Affiliated Marketing:

This is the slow earning process but one of the best way to make money online via blogging. Affiliate marketing means referring customers and earning commission. In this process you will refer people to the companies and sell their products and you will get commission for each and every product you refer. This was the best way to make money online. we can place referral banners in our blog and can refer people to buy the products and can get commission. We can refer products available in amazon and also we can refer hosting services to our visitors and can get commission.

Writing Product Reviews:

If your blog have a good readership, then you can write reviews about particular products and can make money. If your blog go viral, many people contact you to write reviews about their products. you can charge them and write a detailed review about their product in your blog. In this way you can make money online from your blog by writing paid product reviews.

Selling Your Own Products:

If your an expertise in any field or if you have any products which are useful for your visitors, then you can sell them from your blog. For example if you are good at programming and web designing, then you can develop software’s and website templates and can sell them and make money. You can also sell templates,widgets, etc from your blog and can make money quickly and easily.

Requesting Donations To Your Blog:

If your blog is helping a lot of people and every one love the articles you write, then you can ask for donations to make your blog live alive. You can place a donate badge in your blog and request donations. If your blog is really helpful, then definitely you will get donations from your visitors. The best example to make money via donations is wikipedia. They make money only via donations. So you can request donations and can make money.
Over To You : The above are the top 10 ways of making money from your blog. How ever making money via blogging is not a quick process. but you can make a huge income via blogging if you have a high traffic using above ways. if i miss any best way to make money online via blogging, then share it in the comments below.


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