Complete Guide To Make Money From Event Blogging

There are so many websites available on the internet and some of these websites { how to start viral blog} are very useful and some are really weird websites. There are so many other websites too which are related to a specific event or day and blogger call in event blogging. For those who don’t know about this type of blogging, in this post I will guide you to start one and make money from it.


Event Blogging is the one of the top way to make huge money (2000-3000$) in just few days like 4-8 days. Event blogging is best for those who wants to make money in short time and in this post I am providing the useful information related to event based blogging. In this type of blogging you just have to make a new blog 40-50 days before the event and then have to work hard on it to rank it. After creating you have to create the content related to the event then link building part comes. But it’s not that much easy as it sounds you have to really work hard to rank your blog as competition is really tough now these days. Let’s start the guide and hope you will taste the success too 🙂

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What Is Event Blogging or Event Based Niche Blogging?

Event blogs are the blogs which target a special day, event or festival etc. and these type of blogs receives traffic on the event day only. But in just 2 or 3 days these blogs can generate huge income for you. Event is like New Year, Valentine Day, Friendship Day, Thanksgiving Day, Diwali, Football Match or any exam result etc are the best to target. This type of blogging is only for those who wants to make money in few days.

In short blogs which target upcoming events (like New Year or any other big day etc.) are the event blogs. These type of blogs specially created to make money in short time and you can do the same. But you have to take care of on-page and off-page seo to rank. So check below the details.

How To Start Event Blog?

First you have to choose one upcoming event, holiday or festival which you think can generate huge traffic. Events like New Year, Valentine Day, Friendship Day, Thanksgiving or any movie or exam results are the best to target. So choose any of these and then buy a domain and make sure to have the keyword in the domain. Make sure to start the event 40-50 days before the event but if the event is huge like New Year then buy 8-9 months before the event 🙂 as it is really competitive event. So you need authority to beat others.

Suppose you are going to target Valentine then buy a domain like (it’s just an example as it is not mine). In that way your blog will rank higher on the search engines and more people will click on it.

How To Setup An Event Blog

After purchasing domain host it on blogger as it’s free and easy to use.You can these Best Blogger Templates for Event Blog. But if you have good budget then buy WordPress as it’s easy to customize. Then set the title and description of your blog check your competitor to get the idea :p but make sure to add the keyword in title and description. After setting these things now set a simple, fast and good looking theme.You can use these WordPress ping list.

Now comes the content part, as before the event post near around 20-30 articles covering the all keywords like valentine images, valentine wishes, valentine wallpapers, valentine quotes etc. You can get more ideas too via any keyword research tools. And 20-30 articles can be post in 2 or 3 weeks or less easily. But make sure all articles are high quality and don’t contain useless content or images. Mean to say that post the stuff related to the event and try to make big and provide information then your competitor. If you want to buy content spinner tool, then read Kontent Machine Discount.

Then comes the link building process which I am sharing below. Read link building part carefully and apply safely 🙂

Top Niche For Event Blogging 2024

1# Sports Based Event Ideas:

  1. Olympic Games
  2. FIFA World Cup
  3. The UEFA Champions League
  4. Cricket World Cup
  5. Super Bowl
  6. Wimbledon Tennis
  7. Tour de France Cycling
  8. Rugby World Cup
  9. Formula One Racing
  10. National Basketball Association
  11. Dubai World Cup
  12. Ironman World Championship
  13. French Open
  14. Boston Marathon
  15. President’s Cup


Holidays Based Event Blogging Ideas:

  1. Happy New Year
  2. Republic Day
  3. Valentines Day
  4. Happy Holi
  5. April Fool Day
  6. Easter day
  7. Good Friday
  8. Fathers Day
  9. Mothers Day
  10. Friendship Day
  11. Independence Day
  12. Happy Diwali
  13. Christmas Day
  14. Eid Mubarak
  15. And Much More.


Big TV Shows Based Events

  1. IIFA
  2. DID Grand Finale
  3. WWE Wrestlemania
  4. BiggBoss
  5. Games of Thrones
  6. 42nd Street
  7. The Book of Mormon
  8. Hamilton Live
  9. The Ferryman
  10. Obsession

Other Big Events Are

  1. Tribeca Film Festival
  2. TED 2024
  3. Eeyore’s Birthday Party
  4. The Great American Foodie Fest
  5. Tulip Time
  6. Tour of California
  7. The Preakness Stakes
  8. Sasquatch! Music Festival
  9. Spoleto Festival the USA
  10. EDC Las Vegas

Apart from these events, you can try Entertainments niche. Here you can select Educational niche {admits card, result) Movies Trailer, Movies Release, Box Office Collection etc.

How To Create Backlinks For Event Blog?

To rank you event blog you only need dofollow+instant approve blogs and then you have to build backlinks on these blogs. If you having backlink from these blogs then believe no one can stop you to rank your event. Below I am sharing top three methods to get do follow and instant approving backlinks.

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  1. Commenting
  2. Directory Submission
  3. Sitewide from other blogs (high authority with good DA,PA)

1. Commenting

So now question is that how to get the blogs which are providing dofollow backlinks via comment and also instant approving the comment? For that you just need backlink checker tool called Ahrefs which is a great tool and I am also using the same.

Now make list of recently passed events for example I am taking New Year. Then search on google for New Year 2024 and now take first two blogs (event blog which are having keyword in domain). Next open the ahrefs and get backlink report of these domains. Now open that list and you can check this list contains almost 80% dofollow+instant approving blogs. So comment on these blogs with your keyword and blog and you will rank too.

You can collect more blogs too as Christmas is also a big event so google for Christmas image or any other high volume keyword and collect ranking blogs and get there backlink report and make backlinks on these blogs too.

2. Directory Submission

Directory submission is the other way and the best way to get dofollow backlink for your target keyword. It works amazingly for event blogs and also event blog gets high authority dofollow backlinks. Some directories also helps to get traffic as some directories have huge traffic. Below I am sharing the instant approval directories submission sites. Some of these may ask for reciprocal link so you have to add that in your blog. But almost 90% directories will not ask 🙂

Directory Submission Sites

3. Sitewide from Other Blogs

This is the most powerful method to rank an event blog but this is risky too. Sitewide links are the backlinks which you get from a blog from the sidebar,navigation or footer. In that way your blog will get lots of backlink from a single site.

Suppose if a website is having 50 articles and 3 pages and that site is giving a backlink to your site from sidebar, then your blog will get 50+3+homepage total 54 backlinks from that site. Not only that your blog will also get the backlink from categories or tags pages if the owner is indexing those pages too.

So in that way your blog will get ranked but this is risky because, it is real spam and when google see lots of backlinks from a single domain pointing to your blog in one day then google will ban your site. But don’t worry take sitewide 7 days before the event. You will not face any issue and your blog will be ranked.

Things To Keep In Mind While Link Building

  1. Don’t use same keyword again and again: If you use same keyword again and again to build backlinks then it will make your blog look suspicious and Google will not rank your site and also can ban your site from their search result. So don’t do it.
  2. Don’t get backlink from high OBL sites: This is very important as always check the metrics of the site from which you are going to get backlink. If you get a backlink from a website which is already giving backlink to 20-30 sites already then that website will not work for you.
  3. Quality Content: As this is important too, keep in mind don’t post spam or wrong content on your blog. Post all useful information as google loves it and your blog will rank because of it too.
  4. Directory submission is good but don’t do too much directory submission in few days.
  5. Do not build backlinks in just one day. Try to make 100-150 backlinks or less then that and also build some nofollow backlinks too.

How To Earn Money From Event Blog?

So now comes the earning part, when you post the articles and done the SEO. Now check the ranking of your site in search engines, if you are ranking then you can make huge money and if not then build some more links 😛 to rank.

Now how to earn money from event blog? You can earn money via below ad networks from your event blog. Just 1 day before the event place ads on your blog and keep ads 1 day after the event. You will earn huge money, I highly recommend Google Adsense for event blogs as it gives really good results. But you can also use the below networks too.

How to Monetize An Event Blog

  • Google Adsense (recommend)
  • Infolinks
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Chitika
  • CPA Offers
  • Your Own Product
  • Or any other ad network

Affiliate Marketing or CPA offers also really pays good as on Valentine you can sell many things 😛 just check the amazon or any other good affiliate source and find the products related to your event and promote them.

Final Words

So guys these are the ways to earn money via event blogging. If you still need help then you can comment below I will help you and if you liked the article then share with others.


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