Top 10 Collection Of Fastest WordPress Themes Of 2018

Selecting a perfect WordPress theme is one of the biggest problems for the new blogger. They change the theme again and again. The Reason behind this is the speed of a site. Nobody likes slow loading websites. So using a fastest WordPress themes will great choice for your blogging journey.

Read this quotes,

faster faster until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death.

According to a study, a user will leave a blog if it hasn’t loaded in 3 seconds. Nobody likes a Slow loading Website.

Fastest WordPress Themes

Fastest WordPress Themes

Fastest WordPress Themes 2018

A slow loading website has a poor user experience because People just don’t have much patience. Hence fast loading WordPress theme is an essential element for your website, and especially if you’re running it for any business purpose.

Our team checked more than 100 WordPress themes and created a list of top 10 fastest WordPress themes of 2018. All these Themes are SEO ready, and schema integrated. Few premium features like content with sidebar, social sharing, custom pages, custom widgets, full-fledged header, search, custom posts, recent comments, recent posts, etc. are already present in these themes.

Everyone wants to boost page speed by using a fast loading theme. Nowadays website loading speed also matters in ranking. So, if you any item from this list, your ranking will increase for sure.

Apart from SEO, fast loading sites have the great user experience. No one wants to wait for your blog to load if its pleasant time. So, it’s another advantage of such types of themes.

How to test website Loading Speed

The speed of a website is based on following points.

  • Time is taken to load the page,
  • Page size,
  • Number of requests made to load the page,
  • YSlow score,
  • PageSpeed Score And
  • Waterfall chart

A) Google PageSpeed Insights: I do not need to explain about this topic.

B) Pingdom Tools: This one is another great tool to check blog loading speed and performance grade.

C) Gtmetrix : This tool uses Google Page Speed and Yahoo! Yslow to check website speed.

After doing a lot of research and testing, I have handpicked these super fast WordPress themes of 2017.All theme will never lack in loading.

Fast Loading WordPress Themes of 2018

1# Jevelin WordPress Theme

2# Schema WordPress Theme

3# Socially viral WordPress Theme

4# Authority WordPress Theme 2018

5# Genesis FrameWork and child themes

6# Bimber WordPress Theme For Viral Niche Blogging

7#  Newspaper WordPress Theme

8# Writer Theme from Mythemeshop

9# Gillion (Trending Item)

10 Iconic One WordPress Theme

Over To You: These are few fastest WordPress theme of 2018. Here i have not added any affiliate link as well download link. You can get download link from Google.


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