11 Best SEO Tips For Beginners to Fetch Rank on Google

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the new buzz when it comes to digital marketing and branding. Almost every start-up or an already established brand rely on their SEO team to generate popularity on the internet, thanks to its ability to bring your company on the top most pages of the world’s most popular search engine!

What exactly is an SEO?

In a layman’s term, SEO is a new tool that has the capability to let users find your website on the top pages. To make you understand better, here are some SEO tips for beginners.

  • Let’s say someone is searching for a ‘wedding photographer’ on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, the sites that list on the top pages are considered to have the best SEO with relevant content related to wedding photography as only the relevant pages and content are pushed up on the top slots.
  • SEO affects the different type of organic searches such as image search, video search, academic or local search.
  • Search Engine Optimization{SEO} takes into account what people search, the keywords they use to search and various search engines that are preferred by the users.
  • SEO also includes garnering traffic on the website by backing, indexing, and inbound links.

Once, you have a thorough understanding of the SEO process, it’ll be very easy for you to develop an SEO strategy. All the SEO techniques put together will definitely bring your company into the limelight. Our experts have put together some amazing SEO tips for beginners that’ll help you fetch higher rank on Google!

11 Golden SEO Techniques For Beginners 

1#Make Your Site For Mobile View:

As per market review after the year 2015, mobile search has surpassed the desktop searches. To cash onto this opportunity, it is important to make your site available for mobile viewing. Several marketers have suggested that mobile sites are better than responsive sites. Mobile optimization takes into account the design of the site, speed of the page, and structure of the site. Dynamic serving, separate URL are some of the important points you need to consider while making your site available to mobile view. As an SEO basic, one should follow this step to bring up your site’s Google ranking.

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2# Use Unique Meta tiles & Descriptions:

This is one of the most important SEO tips for beginners! In a fairly simple manner, meta descriptions are the small descriptions that come under the web links that emerge as a search result. Those few lines are snippets of information about the site that comes after the search result. Unique meta descriptions increases click-through rates and improve the visitors from the organic search. It increases visits from social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. It is important to write compelling content with 1 or 2 keywords in almost 150 characters. You should avoid duplicity and eliminate alphanumeric characters.

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3#Put SEO Friendly URL’s For Every Post:

As a beginner to search engine optimization, by creating SEO friendly URLs in every post, not only you are making your posts accessible but you can literally make your user remember the post easily. However, make sure that the URL is readable and it is stuffed with a suitable keyword. Shorter URLs are highly preferable!

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4#Format Your Content with Heading Tags (H1, H2, H3):

As one of the basic SEO tips for beginners, heading tags are not only important to structure the content but make your website user-friendly. It categorizes your content and lets you incorporate the keywords in your text. Make sure that you give priority to the H1 tags which should come in the heading or the title while H2 and H3 tags can be included in the sub-heading or subsections. Understand the importance of each heading tag and remember to use all of them as per their effectiveness. A structured, categorized and easily understandable text clears the Google guidelines and reaches the top slots of the web.

5#Fresh Your Page Content:

In order to rank higher on the Google listings, unique and fresh content on your website is of utmost importance. As per Google’s guidelines, every single page on the web is analyzed for its uniqueness. Keep on updating the page to maintain its freshness, especially in important text like the main body. SEO adopts the most unique and fresh content and rate it on the topmost pages. This idea can be implemented by using SEO for dummies

6#Avoid Keyword Stuffing – Use Related Keywords:

While the use of important keywords is important, one should avoid stuffing keywords anywhere and everywhere. This is not good for SEO. As a rule always take care of the placement, proximity, and use of the appropriate keyword. One can also use synonyms or latent semantic indexing keywords throughout the text and make your content unique and relevant to the search. Keyword stuffing can be practiced using search engine optimization for dummies.

8# Enable Site Breadcrumbs:

Breadcrumbs are an important navigation tool that helps people to understand their location on the site. SEO experts suggest that it is one of the best optimization tips for beginners as the breadcrumbs help in easy navigation and easy to backtrack throughout the site, Google helps to list a site with bread crumbs in a very higher manner. The other benefits of using breadcrumbs include the user-friendly interface, great aesthetics, and easy navigation.

9#Optimize your image for Google: 

This will not only maximize the traffic on the site, but improves your ranking on the Google page considering the fact that you have used popular keywords for the same. ALT Texts are also a great way to optimize the image as it also adds SEO value to your website. It is also important to set the image dimensions and product angles. Don’t overstuff your images with keywords, use crisp to the point ALT texts. Also, it is important to reduce the size of the images.

10#Interlink Your Site Pages:

This is a very important SEO process or we can say SEO tips and tricks for beginners. By interlinking your subpages, you are letting your visitor stay on the page for long. This way your website pages are also passed and marked relevant by Google. Interlinking is one of the easiest and effective methods of search engine optimization.

11#Share Your sites’ pages on Social Media:

It is the easiest and relevant methods to improve your ranking on Google. Right from sharing your site pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to other professional sites like LinkedIn, you are generating a brand image, but also raising its popularity and reaching out to a number of people in one go!

11#Get Links from Good Authority Sites:

Give testimonials, review and send your products & services to bloggers for a review. As SEO basic, this rule is of great help! Link roundup and the guest posting are other important steps to boost your ranking on Google. A thorough review and research are necessary to find out about the good authority sites so that you get in touch with only those that serves your purpose appropriately. We would say this is one of the advanced SEO tips any SEO expert would give you!

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