How to Improve WordPress Website Visibility on Search Engines


Improve WordPress Website Visibility

In today’s competitive environment, having a website is important for almost all people who are dealing in online business. A website helps them to increase their customers rapidly and earn great business within a short span of time. However, ranking your websites up in SERPs of different search engines is not a child’s play. It involves a lot of patience and tricks. A websites with low raking means that it is not performing well and you are likely to suffer loss eventually. If you run a WordPress website and want to gain a strong foothold in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines, plus want to Improve WordPress Website Visibility here are some tips that will benefit you a lot:

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1. Quality SEO:

In general, search engine optimization (SEO) is an advanced marketing tool which affects the presence of your site in organic (non-paid) search engine results pages. Although, black hat SEO practice increases the ranking of a site on the search engine result page in a short span of time, but Google and other leading search engines may penalize it and eventually remove it from their index.If you want to learn more about seo and digital marketing, you can join digital marketing institute in delhi. These types of institute will help you to increase your knowledge.

In order to grab more visitors to your site, do quality SEO on your site at all the times. As a WordPress user, you can use numerous SEO related plugins to increase its ranking and improve the return on investment.

2. Good Meta Description:

Actually, meta descriptions are HTML attributes that present brief explanation of the contents displayed on web pages. It is widely used in search engine result pages (SERPs) to show the preview of a given page. It is very important for gaining user click via SERPs of different search engines. You should place your keywords smartly in meta description and make it a compelling description searched by visitors. An ideal meta description should be at between 150-160 characters.

3. Permalinks:

Actually, a permalink is the link to an individual’s blog which is vital for successful blogging. It helps search engines to pick your page’s link quickly and display up in its search results. When you draft a headline in the ‘Add New Post’ segment of your WP dashboard, you see that a permalink is automatically created below the headline section. Before publishing your post, you can edit permalink manually at any time to make it more use-friendly so that your page may rank up in the SERPs of Google and other leading search engine platforms and users may find it easily. For better ranking of your site, use only three to four keywords in the permalink and place important keywords at first.

4. Link Building:

As a matter of fact, link building is a process of getting external page’s links to a page on your website. It allows users to navigate between pages over the global Internet. Different search engines use links to crawl the web and determine their rankings in their search results. When your site has a number of high-quality links, it is likely to rank well in Google and other search engines. Always keep in mind that link building is creative work and that is why, it demands lots of dedication and effort from SEO Professionals.

5. Use Social Media channels:

As several social media channels have become an integral part of our lives, making use of them also helps you excel in your online business. As Google and other search engines always look for the most relevant results, they take note of social media presence of websites also before indexing them in their database. A website which has a strong presence on different social media forums such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, Instagram, etc, have higher chances of being on the first page of Google than those which don’t have. Whenever, you update your site, you have to share your post on all social media channels and make your post go viral to gain the maximum traffic to your website. Additionally, there are various social media plugins for WordPress that help you in SMO up to a great extent. Make use of them for better ranking in Google.

6. Publish Quality contents regularly:

When it comes to contents, the majority of bloggers use low quality contents to update their websites. Low quality contents are easily detected by search engines and they penalize your website if you continue publishing copied contents.
Just generate quality contents for blog posting. Try to include images, videos, tables and relevant links to make your content emphatic and informative. Quality contents will help your website being ranked higher in the SERPs of different search engines, a huge traffic to your website and increase ROI.

7. Pay-Per-Click:

Pay-per-click (PPC) is the quickest and easiest way to get a huge slot of traffic to your website and increase your online business manifold. Prominent search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, etc., allow online business owners to display ads in the sponsored results section of search results pages on their first page. They pay each time when someone clicks the ad and go to their site. Use PPC campaign carefully as its a costly campaign, which requires lots of investment and there is no fixed ROI as you expect. It all depends upon the quality of products and services you are offering to your potential clients.

8. Attractive Website design:

Most modern website designers believe in using plenty of colors, images, video, sound and contents to make their website attractive and users. But, this may make your website heavy and can increase its bounce rate. Design your website in such a way that it looks attractive and eye-catching and users find easily what they are looking for. Additionally, your website should load fast. Make your website mobile-friendly as it is preferred by Google and its ranking remains up which allows the maximum number of users to land on your website.Here is a simple guide on how to create genesis child theme.

9. Use various plugins for WordPress carefully:

You can use WordPress plugins to increase the functionality of your website and amplify its visibility in different search engines.Here we made a list of must have WordPress plugin. Using plugins enables you to present the site the way you want and customize it according to your specific requirements. However, using too many plugins for your WordPress will bring about negative effects also and it can make your website sluggish which contribute a sharp increase in bounce rate. Use only those plugins which you actually need to make your website more user-friendly and attractive or you can take assistance from any WordPress expert who guide you.

10. Be Selective while accepting Articles for Guest posting:

The relevancy of your contents is must and perhaps the first and foremost condition of doing online business correctly and smoothly. There are many bloggers who allow guest posting on their blogs in bulk thinking that doing so will help them get a huge tranche of traffic to their website. It’s wrong and untrue. Before you allow Guest posting on your Website, do check their quality and relevancy. Accept only those articles which are informative and relevant. Don’t publish which has nothing to do with your business or course of action.

Final Words:

Ranking your WordPress Website in Google’s top 10 is not an easy work at all. It requires great patience and use of several smart SEO tips. Just make use of the above mentioned measures with the help of an expert SEO professional will enable you improve the search engine visibility of your website rapidly and boost your ROI greatly in a short period of time.


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